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The closest thing I'll have to a "V-Day Entry" today - Elena's Journal
The closest thing I'll have to a "V-Day Entry" today
I Love You, but You Love Meat

Food has a strong subconscious link to love, said Kathryn Zerbe, a psychiatrist who specializes in eating disorders at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. That is why refusing a partner’s food “can feel like rejection,” she said.

As with other differences couples face, tolerance and compromise are essential at the dinner table, marital therapists said. “If you can’t allow your partner to have latitude in what he or she eats, then maybe your problem isn’t about food,” said Susan Jaffe, a psychiatrist in Manhattan.

I may not like certain types of food but i eat things in every category. Food is food and it tastes good! <3 I'd have a hard time dating someone who wasn't an adventurous eater though. Cause I like going out and trying new food.


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drzhivago From: drzhivago Date: February 14th, 2008 10:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'de be lying if I said adventurous eater didn't have me imagining a guy halfway through scaling a cliff eating a hamburger.
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