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Wow. - Elena's Journal
The last six months of my life, if not the last year or even longer, have now come full circle. I can't say this "novel" in the "saga" is done yet, because I still feel like I need to write the conclusion; but otherwise, the main text is done with. On to the next book! :)

Revisiting places from my past really instigates these sorts of feelings in me, and I hope they're not misplaced. But from my last serious livejournal entry (which is friends only, sorry) I think you guys could tell that I had concluded some important chapters. Now I feel like I have the chance -- if I take it -- to make the next part a pretty impressive one.

In plain, unidealistic speech, I traveled to North Carolina this week, exactly six months and 2 days after my 21st birthday, which was the last time was there. It was odd seeing the Nantahala again. Scott was with me, just like we were for my birthday.

We drove past this point though, to Asheville. Scott went to go pick up his motorcycle, to ride it for the first time since a dear friend of his passed away in an accident. We then went on to Cherokee, and I realized that I had been there before, with my Grandparents when I was 11 or so.

We stayed at this awesome little lodge-motel that was home to a giant herd of ducks. It was cute, but almost disturbing. After unpacking, I had my first motorcycle ride ever. Six months ago, my reaction to such an idea would have been "fuck no; those things are fucking dangerous and kill people." how things change. :) for the better, I think.

When we went on to ride through the park and I remembered the places I had gone with my grandparents -- the little historical village (theres video of me and my cousin in the creek near it somewhere), the mill, a park we ate in together. It was a real memory kicker.

We moved on, though, and drove all the way to Gatlinburg and back. The park was superb, even without the foliage. It was a nice way to see the park actually, it allowed a better appreciation of rivers, creeks, waterfalls that would have been obscured otherwise. We stopped from time to time to hop around in the woods. I'll post pictures later, I have a bunch of pretty awesome pictures :) Gatlinburg was pretty much a tourist trap and disgusting. But riding around all day was really fun. I found a vehicle I can be a passenger on for hours and not get nauseous! Yay!

Thats it in a nutshell. But sometimes the profound importance of a personal experience can't or shouldn't really be expressed in words. :)

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