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Holy CRAP do I have a LOT to WRITE. We will have to break it up into… - Elena's Journal
Holy CRAP do I have a LOT to WRITE.

We will have to break it up into sections.

I now have two summer jobs. I really like how its going to work out. By day, I am walking for 10 dollars an hour. I put door hangers for Budget Blinds on people's doors. Its completely legal by the way, despite what that crazy old lady and anyone else might think. So I'm getting paid to exercise. Sadly essentially gave myself a sunburn, and i have splinters in my feet, so tomorrow will be so fun. Its easy physical work for good pay. But its only part time so I can only earn so much from it. Not that I think I could walk more than part time anyway, the weather is getting fierce.

My other job will be late night and super early morning once or twice a week with other sporadic hours here and there at the Container Store at Perimeter. Its a fantastic working environment for retail. I'm worried about getting my ass out of bed but the fact that it isn't terribly often will help. Its a drive but my other boss wants me to work in that area so, two birds one stone on those days. I just hope i can work out a gas stipend! Cause its fucking ridiculous.

Okay, so I drive out to Dunwoody to check out the area I'll be working in and I get horribly lost. I know a way to get there, via Spalding near my parents place, but that road and I have a bad history. The day I got my driver's license I got horribly lost down at Perimeter and couldn't find my way back. I called my stepfather from a parking lot crying because I didn't know what to do. He guided me back to the interstate and I got home.

So last week, I looked sideways at a map this week and thought I knew where I was going. I went the wrong way on 400, then went back, got stuck on the toll road, and had to go back up the toll road, and get on 285 to try and get where I was going. I ended up finally at Perimeter, looking for Spalding... and ended up in the same parking lot, amusedly calling my parents for help finding the road. They were of no use :P I ended up taking Mount Vernon to where I worked for a couple hours. I drove back down Spalding to get home, in the middle of a tornado warning level downpour. was pretty. I was amused the entire day. Too bad working that week didnt make up for the gas i used.

HOLY CRAP. I made $400 bucks in weapons for SOLAR and all but two sold. I only had two come back to me with any issues this event -- mistervimes's shattered and the tape i put on a kid named Jesse's crossguard peeled off due to the rain. Both will be taken care of. psykofreq's pair I made him a few months ago wore out too. So the turnover so far has been pretty good i think? But it was fun. I wish every LARP used the same safety features so i could sell em everywhere! But I did good and will make another batch for august :) but minusing out gas and materials... blah. i don't wanna think about it. enough to at least pay off all the stuff i bought this month to make stuff that i put on my credit card.

I spent so many hours prepping for SOLAR... I went to site Thursday and didnt end up getting home til after dawn. I didn't end up sleeping until SATURDAY at eight AM... over 36 hours with no sleep. Thankfully Wednesday night I slept like a rock!!

DUDE. What the heck can I say? It was my event if there ever was one. I feel conflicted about a lot of things, so I may write about it later, or perhaps keep it to myself. It was good, I'm just coming off the high right now.

And on a general life note, rainsdance typed it thusly:
"if we knew then what we know now? we'd take over the world."

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redrobben From: redrobben Date: May 28th, 2008 09:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
It really was the Event of Nadya. lol Kudos, you did a fantastic job! *hugs*
elena From: elena Date: May 29th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you.
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