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I've been doing a lot of sewing! :) it makes me happy to be able to… - Elena's Journal
I've been doing a lot of sewing! :) it makes me happy to be able to make stuff. I guess I am a crafter by nature. I can remember multiple times in college the last couple years when I wasn't doing anything that was not purely intellectual-type stuff and just feeling stressed out. "I need to make stuff," I'd say. On winter break one year I just sat down at the kitchen table and made a bajillion things out of sculpy and beads. Now it makes me kind of gleeful to just sit down with some cloth and turn it into something useful and pretty. ZOMGIMSUCHAGURL

Anyway, I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon :B


Over the last couple of weeks the house has been SANITIZED. I mean completely cleaned, carpets and tile steam cleaned, bathrooms degunkified. Thanks so much to my mom, Jay, and Scott especially for helping me (who also took my cat to the vet for me while I was at work) -- its true, I seem to have a pathological aversion to personal space cleanliness. Now that its actually clean and I have reasons to care, I think it'll take a little longer before I destroy the place again.


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