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Strange Girl - Elena's Journal
Strange Girl
-I often have a hard time understanding people over the phone. Nothing is really wrong with my hearing, but there's something about written text and seeing a person speak that makes it so much easier to understand a person's meaning.

-Outside of that, sometimes I need to reaffirm something I am told by a person, what they are doing, or what they want me to do. I do not like to be confused, and I have said before sometimes you have to beat me over the head with an idea before I will completely understand it. Its frustrating for other parties, but c'mon, just bear with me here.

-I do not like to answer a question or inquiry with a direct 'yes' or 'no' in person, generally. "Yes" or "No" are reserved for stupid questions. If I can get across the answer with a sentence, I will. However this drives some people crazy. Usually there's more to an answer than just an affirmative, but to some (and sometimes its true) that's dodging the question. Whatever.


I played lasertag at LaserQuest today. It was pretty awesome, but the medieval theme with laser tag is just kind of weird :B I had a great time though.

I watched movies and ate pizza with Leland and Vern Saturday.

Since the event thats about all the social crap I've done. Cramps FTL.

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