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Chillin with the folks - Elena's Journal
Chillin with the folks
My sister tells me I've been pretty grumpy and anti-Christmas the last few years. I guess I didn't really make a note of it, but I'm not huge on the whole Christmas spirit type of deal. She thinks that me wanting to make a Christmas Cake is a sign of me getting over my grumpitude.

I don't know how closely related this grumpiness is tied to my dad passing away. This is eight years ago (plus four days) now, so I guess maybe it's about time to stop being holiday grouchy.

I think a part of my desire to do relatively Christmas-y things (I still loathe Christmas music and I am not big on decorating Christmas trees or wearing green and red together) is because it's been really laid back with my family this holiday season. We're all able-bodied, stable, and independent enough and close enough to be able to work out logistics and coalescing haphazardly without much planning or work.

I like this; time with family shouldn't feel like a chore. Granted, like usual my mom continuously finds things to criticize me about (and my sister has remarked that my parents are far more critical of me than her, which is interesting and makes sense), but I find enough crap to fling back in her face (semi-lovingly) that it doesn't matter as much as it usually does (and my sister is on my side, a plus).

I am going to go eat some Christmas cake and work on a puzzle, and be happy and content with life for awhile. :)

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