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Everyone should read this. - Elena's Journal
Everyone should read this.
Dear LJ:


"I wanted substance; I wanted meaningful interaction. My journal began to change then, and so did my friends list. I wasn't the only one. I saw lots of complaints over the next few years about frequent, low substance updaters. The tide had changed. And so did my friends page. There were fewer and fewer one or two line updates and more and more longer posts. I got to know you better. Some people became essay writers. More of us got digital cameras and began adding photos to our posts.

But that change also brought pressure to "properly prepare" an entry. There was an unspoken rule against the one-line entry, or more than x number of entries in a day. Entries had to be detailed and forthcoming because the vague post (except maybe with acknowledgement and apologies) was also out of vogue. And then there were the days that were too full to allow time to sit and write up a 'proper' entry and we were afraid of 'cluttering' each other's friends pages with multiple entries, so we wouldn't write one, and that happened more and more often until we were out of the habit of sharing with each other, largely for fear of not following the new rules."


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