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Meep - Elena's Journal
Still coasting on the wave of good. This week is going to suck, though -- so much to do. I will reach "stressed" momentarily, I think.

This weekend, with Stephanie's help I got a ton of crap done. She helped me reorganize my craft room so that the clutter was repressed to a level I could work in. The living room is still messy though, but its better. I really need the money to get the new part for my vacuum... as well as my brakes, they are making awful noises. Can it be February please?

My roommate let me know shes moving out next month, and isn't keeping to the agreement we made when she moved in. She got fired, but I am still miffed because she made me think she had her stuff together after that. Oh well, could be worse. As long as she pays me rent for next month...

I really do hate money. This month I finally figured out how not to run out of it though: eat cheese and bread almost exclusively.

Things at work are going pretty good. Today is slow, but last week was a little stressful, as will this week be as well. We're launching a new product tomorrow, the same day my boss is flying to India so I will be sorta left holding the bag for a few days... I think I'll be okay, though. Everything always seems to happen the week before SOLAR.

And SOLAR? I thought maybe I was looking forward to it, but I'm not, for a variety of reasons. I'll be there anyway, though.

Working at the tattoo shop has been fun, I like the people there and they seem to like me still. I've actually been kind of busy most of the time I'm there, and I have work enough to do that I come in more than once a week. It would be cool to actually get paid to be there, but my tattoo currently has me in a time deficit. :B I am cool with this, and it is nice to feel like I am trusted enough to not run off now that I got my work finished. Of course, seeing that I eventually want more work eventually... I'm not really in a hurry at all either, I didn't think I'd finish my arm until months from now, but it worked out the way it did. It seems like it might be hard not to get tattoos while working at a tattoo shop... mother will be pleased.

Ugh, can I just have no memory of anything I do for the next week and wake up on Monday?

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