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Its been a long while since I've written here. I've actually done a… - Elena's Journal
Its been a long while since I've written here. I've actually done a fair bit of writing in the meantime; I have handwritten journals for my SOLAR character as well as some done out of sheer boredom during working training back in April and May. Since then, I haven't really had too much free time to do any writing; I haven't transcribed my handwritten stuff either. I need to pay someone to, I think :)

Work isn't really anything worthy of mention; I go in, I work, I get paid, I go home. Wish it was a little closer to where I lived, I worry for my car's longevity because I know I won't be able to afford to replace it when it kicks the bucket. I hope this is many years from now; I really need to get an oil change this week, I'm over by 1500 miles or so, again. Oops. Work makes it hard to get things done during the week, and on weekends I have my ME time or I am working on sewing, projects, etc. to keep me busy. I feel like my happiness is tied to my ability to be productive. I like this to most extents.

I've begun listening to audiobooks a lot. I am working through Ben Bova. I reward myself during sewing (and sewing only) with audiobooks. Since I didn't sell too much costuming last month, I haven't listened to any audiobooks yet but I've downloaded two and am anticipating cracking them open. I told Leland about my newfound focus with the help of audiobooks, and she asked me if I was ever tested for ADHD; I told her as I remember, I was tested for listening disabilities and, having found the tests far more interesting than my classes, passed with flying colors. So I've as an adult found a couple different ways to manage my scatterbrain'dness.

I spent this weekend in Conyers at harlequinnaide and stormyismyboy's house. I made a ton of weapon bases and some other props, but I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. Still, I feel like it was a weekend well spent, even if just for the nice chill time we've been having the last couple of hours. Chill time is relative since the a/c broke this evening, but I am happy to see Scott doing better again these days, despite ANOTHER brown recluse bite on his neck he's getting treated tomorrow. Sigh.

I've been making a lot of stuff for SOLAR and running some plot related stuff now and then. I feel more balanced these days (though I wish work was more satisfying). Last year this time in comparison was me a lot more obsessive or occupied with Plot and SOLAR; I've been able to take a deep breath, relax, and find other things to occupy my time. I have sadly had to let working at Ink and Dagger go for time restraints, and that bothers me, but it was necessary and they finally hired part time help. (I wish I had gotten that job, full time or not! But I need my weekends.)

I'm having some odd sickness issues I am very concerned and stressed about. I think they are related to the same issues I thought I was having this time last year that the doctor told me was all in my mind. Very positive not in my mind now, but I don't have insurance. Trying to remedy this and get enough money to pay for it every month for awhile. After this month this may be doable. I'd just like to be able to breathe and not feel like theres something in my chest thats in the way.

I am working on becoming a member at Freeside Atlanta. I am very excited about this so I can move my workspace to a place in south Atlanta (sort of technically kind of a highway exit south of me) so I can keep the house more people-friendly. The communal workspace thing is a very exciting concept for me, especially since this one is very much within reach. What's funny is that the president of Freeside played SOLAR some 12-15 years ago. :)

1. What do you think you can offer the space? (Skills, personality, a nice smile, etc.)
I already have a lot of ideas for what I'd like to do for the space. My first big project will be the sewing "lab", as well as some craft-related projects and classes (first on the docket: Basic Sewing and Boffer Weapons - because nothing is better than an excuse to beat up your friends.) I also want to get into making molds all sorts of latex, foam rubber, silicone, resin props, etc etc... also, leatherworking equipment one day would be awesome! I've just never had the ability or space to get into either of those things. I will also likely do some basic painting type stuff to pretty up the space :B I like being a helping hand!

But for my skillset, I'm not sure I have much in the way of formally quantifiable skills. I have experience in event management, event planning, administration, propmaking, graphic design, coming up with weird ideas, blurting out what I am thinking without thinking, being a spazz, workaholicism, multislacking, laziness, food moochery...

2. What do you think the space can offer you? (New talent, social networking, space to work, etc.)
Honestly the communal workspace is the best part. Socially I'm always most comfortable around other people when I am working on a project, and I get more done when I am working with other people. I am excited to be around other folks who enjoy working on projects and making things/stuff; not to sound like a dirty hippy or anything the energy that sort of environment creates is awesome. I've become a very big proponent of community (those of you who know about my usual social circle may understand why), which i think is really important in the present cultural environment of electronic friendship and armchair activism and Second Life.

I am very excited about the prospect of learning new things, and helping other people achieve their goals and finish projects. I like to help and improve things.

3. What are some current project you are working on/want to work on?
I guess I could link a bunch of pictures of stuff I've worked on...

5. How did you find/get interested in the space?
Buddy contacted me on OkCupid, and six months later I responded. Woo! I showed up to a meeting, and have been making every meeting I can since :3 BK is my sponsor and I already seem to have support (Duckie and Scott said they'd be my victimserr i mean fans)! <3

6.What classes would you be interested in seeing at the space? What might you be willing to teach?
I will be teaching Sewing 101 and Foam Weaponry classes. I want to one day teach people to make molds and other crafty projects!

7. What does the term 'hackerspace' mean to you?
Whatever you want it to be? To me, the term doesn't really have a specific meaning, other than some sort of notion of a stereotypical idea of a bunch of techheads and computer nerds meeting "in the middle of the ocean" on their IRC channel to talk shop and watch the movie Hackers. ;) (I'm not entirely serious I promise). Freeside, at least to me, seems to be much, much more than that, maybe even more than what the term is coming to mean in the Great Big World out there.

I think I appreciate the intent of the term, but since my focus has never been heavily tech related it feels like a word out of context. I remember using Prodigy when i was a tyke and have had my own computer when I was seven, but having my stepdad as my personal computer repairman has left me not needing any actual hardware knowledge, so that branch of social connections didn't ever develop for me, which is probably why the whole "movement" occurred right under my nose! I'm usually on top of neat-o cultural developments.

Maybe to me "hacker", is a stereotype-loaded term. I don't have a realistic definition of the idea or any sort of culture behind it. This will change! I look forward to expanding my know-how and understanding. :D Also, I find linguistics extremely interesting... if you are unsatisfied with my honest answer I am more than willing to discuss (in fact I'd love to!).

I've been having some disappointments with the LARP social circle. While I myself have been having issues between IP and OOP, at least I'm not in complete denial... people say I make the same mistakes after apologizing, but I'm not the only one. I hope I take the current example to heart and do my best to never repeat similar actions in the future.

I have had a couple of 21-year-olds for roommates for the summer; one just left for Israel and the other one moves back north in August. I gotta get my shit together to get someone else in here, but I've enjoyed the way things have been. I took them up to Nantahala and Cherokee last weekend. The pictures are over yonder. Eventually I'll upload some myself, as well as some I've neglected.
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ladylilo From: ladylilo Date: July 26th, 2010 06:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
In regards to Larp drama, I've decided that bad sportsmanship is an STD.
harlequinnaide From: harlequinnaide Date: July 27th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC) (Link)

chelchik From: chelchik Date: July 27th, 2010 05:44 am (UTC) (Link)
I can't see the pictures!

Nantahala and Cherokee are gorgeous..though Cherokee makes me sad a bit because it's so tacky. Did you drive on the "Dragon"?
jordanlawman83 From: jordanlawman83 Date: July 27th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
That sounds dangerous
shirudayo From: shirudayo Date: July 28th, 2010 02:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey, if you're in to audio-books your should totally check out Paper Book Swap (and CD Swap)! It is this great trading system, and you can swap all kinds of books, hardbacks & audio books included! Basically you just send books to people and order books from people - senders pay shipping. I've been using it like a mad person this summer so I can declutter before moving & next year I'm gonna trade in all of my credits to restock my library.

ANYWAYS, you could totally score some SWEET AUDIO BOOKS there :)

Check it out @ http://www.paperbackswap.com/ (I'm username sylviaplath, just for giggles)
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