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Elena's Journal

3 September 1986
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What is My Name?
I like to say that I was named after Hurricane Elena that came through the Gulf of Mexico exactly a year before I was born.

How Old Am I?
I am 23, born on September 3rd.
I generally either act older or younger than by age by about 20 years. :3 I usually don't relate well to people my age, but that may be changing as "people my age" are also reaching adulthood (a scary concept in itself!). It's a very interesting change to watch, in both myself and other folks.

Where Am I?
Decatur, GA.
I was born and raised in Royal Palm Beach/Loxahatchee, Florida. I moved to Duluth, Georgia when I was 12. From there I slowly migrated closer and closer to Atlanta and have now settled semi-permanently slightly east and ITP (Inside the Perimeter).

What Do I Do?

Who Are My Family and Friends?

Who are my Pets?

What are the Five Most Important Things going on in my Life?

accents, agnosticism, all sorts of music, ancient civilizations, androgyny, anthropology, archaeology, arrogance, art, bands, being proven wrong, biting my nails, books, boredom, boys, brains, breathing, capability, caring, cats, chatting, checking my e-mail, chocolate, comedy, communication, computer games, confusion, corduroy, creativity, curiosity, dancing in my underwear, debate, diablo iii, digital photography, dirty minds, dirty thoughts, documentaries, downloading, dreaming, eating, eating small children, education, energy, enlightenment, environment, equality, euphonium, fantasy, feeling, fiction, fire, food, galactic glue, gay rights, goat cheese, gohan, goosebumps, harmonies, hating politics, helping, high school, honesty, hubble space telescope, humanity, imagining, independent film, instruments, interaction, japan, knowing, late nights, latin, laughing, laziness, learning, life, linguistics, love, making out, marching band, moo, mori no ike, mp3s, music, myself, necks, new ideas, ninjas, novel writing, obstreperousness, oddities, open-mindedness, over analyzing, people watching, philosophy, photography, pictures, pirates, politics, procrastination, pursuit of happiness, rain, reading, reclusitivity, renfest, reptiles, respect, ruminating, sci-fi, science fiction, self-education, self-improvement, sentience, sex, sexuality, sharp pointy objects, shiny things, showering, silence, singing in the shower, sleeping, smiling, society, socks, solar, star trek, starcraft, stimulating conversation, sushi, swimming, tattoos, tea, techno, thinking, thunderstorms, trauma, travelling, understanding, urban fantasy, vintage computer games, web comics, world domination, writing, 日本語